Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cutting of bulrush

Yesterday afternoon at about 3.30 p.m. Usha, from her balcony, saw five strips of long grass drying on the revetment along the lake. 

When Usha reached the lake, she found that two men had cut the bulrushes and were waiting for them to dry! Gardener S'ayya was hauled up and he said that during the Doodle programme that morning someone was cutting the grass. 
Grass cutting has been allowed on the lake sides by PNLIT because the grass does need to be cut and it is good food for the cows and buffaloes of Puttenahalli. Now a blanket order has been given that no one will be permitted to cut any kind of grass. 
Bulrushes at Puttenahalli Lake

Drying bulrushes

Men who cut the bulrushes

Over the last few days several chicks of the Common Swamphen and a young Purple Heron have been spotted among the bulrushes. We surely do not want to disturb their homes. 

If anyone sees anyone on the revetment or cutting the grass or weeds, please get them out and tell them to stay out. They are taking advantage of our sympathy for their cattle.                                                                                     

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