Sunday, June 2, 2013

An almost perfect morning

Today over 35 volunteers had come from South City, Brigade Millennium, other complexes in the neighbourhood and from across the city (thanks to Suren's "Volunteer For a Cause" forum). A few children had also joined the fun.

Unlike yesterday, when the pits had been made ready by our digger Gopal the previous day, today there were no pits as he had not turned up to work yesterday. Along with him, today morning some volunteers also began digging pits within the inner grill on the viewing deck side. Others began taking the plants from the garden to the pits for planting. More than 120 shrubs were planted today. 

While the planting was on, some volunteers opted, on their own, to remove the Parthenium (congress grass). Very soon they had collected a fairly big pile outside the gate. I'd like to particularly thank a little girl (whose name I don't know) for going about plucking the Parthenium with great zeal. She along with four or five other children got an invaluable lesson in nature conservation today. All thanks to their parents for bringing them along. 

With so many of the volunteers asking for more work at the lake, we intend to have another planting session next weekend - weather permitting. Watch this space. 

The only setback to an otherwise perfect morning was that two volunteers got hurt. Using our first aid kit, Suren and Karthik got their wounds immediately washed, cleaned and dressed. We wish them a speedy recovery and hope to see them get to work next weekend with greater vigour!

Heartfelt thanks to all!


The volunteering morning,
2nd June 2013

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