Monday, June 17, 2013

PNLIT Volunteer Teaching Program - Update

Classes at the lake

Chetana Mahadevan started English classes for five 6th grade students 2 weeks ago. Since then 2 more have joined in. Chetana teaches the kids 4 times a week. The students are regular and on time.

Karthik took the first Math class for the two 11th grade girls (Deepu and Ramya), and that went exceedingly well as well. Karthik will teach them from 10 to 12 every Sunday.

Lalitha Kamath will be teaching Accountancy to Ramya. She will be taking her first class during the latter part of this week.

Teaching has become Dr. Narayanan Iyer's full time job now :). He is teaching 7-8 kids out of his house, and also pitches in with Deepu & Ramya and with the co-ordination.

I continue to teach computers to Deepu, Ramya and Raghu. I have started teaching 2 more kids (Pooja & Praveen - siblings). They are in the 6th and 7th grade and were introduced to me by Dr. Iyer. They are part of the batch of kids he teaches.

Thank you everyone for volunteering. We are still on the lookout for volunteers to teach Computer science (C++ programming), Business Studies and Economics. 

Vivek Krishna 
(Volunteer Coordinator, PNLIT classes at the lake)

If you can volunteer to teach any of the subjects, please email <>

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gautam said...

Hi - this is a great initiative. I would like to help by providing a computer (desktop or laptop).

Also happy to help with providing text books, stationary.